Our Strategies

Gunma Fuji Securities International offers a choice of investment portfolio strategies, tailored to your risk profile and designed to achieve your financial goals.


Gunma Fuji Securities International’s Discretionary accounts are an efficiently managed portfolio, guided by our seasoned investment managers, without the responsibility of constant decision making.

This solution is best suited for investors who prefer to entrust the management of their portfolio to our experts. We will consult with you to work out the right strategy with you, and then make investment decisions on your behalf in accordance with the agreed criteria and goals.

Your investments will be managed by one of our seasoned portfolio managers, who will collaborate with our internal teams and utilize our extensive resources, capabilities and market intelligence to help you achieve your financial objectives.

Your assigned wealth manager will provide you with regular reports and statements, so you are always up-to-date with the performance of your investments.

Our discretionary solution will enable you to concentrate on your personal and business needs, securing you with confidence that your assets are being expertly managed in accordance with the financial objectives you approved with us.


Manage your own portfolio with expert investment advice and professional support from Gunma Fuji Securities International’s team throughout the entire process.

Your assigned investment manager will take the time to understand your financial objectives, personal circumstances and risk profile, and then provide you with tailored advice and direction to assist you in achieving your investment goals.

Our investment managers provide you with insightful guidance and tailored investment recommendations, however, you will make the final decisions and manage your own portfolio.

Our investment advice is drawn from leading market analytics and the latest trends, to keep you well informed of unmissable investment opportunities as they arise. Your investment manager will also provide you with regular reports and reviews of your portfolio’s performance.

While the final decisions are always down to you, we offer access to expert financial planning, ensuring your investments complement your long-term financial objectives.


You will take full ownership of your investment portfolio, trade directly on the financial markets while still benefitting from our expert research, real-time market intelligence and trading ideas.

This investment solution is best suited for seasoned investors who do not need guidance. Gunma Fuji Securities International’s execution-only solution will improve your trading capabilities by providing you with the latest research and market intelligence to help support your decisions.

You will have full control over your investments. You can execute simple trades through your assigned investment manager and trade a wide range of securities including bonds, equities and foreign exchange.

With our execution-only solution, your investment manager will perform the trades for you via a range of brokers and liquidity pools, and provide you with access to expert market analytics.

You will receive direct access to all of your desired financial markets, and your trades will be executed in accordance with your directions. You will benefit from competitive market pricing and seamless settlement, whether you select a ‘delivery versus payment’ or custody basis.