Our Story

The sole objective of Gunma Fuji Securities International is to provide a world-class investment management service to institutional and high-net-worth individual investors. This objective has remained true since the company was established in 2013.

From our offices in Tokyo, Japan, Gunma Fuji Securities International is privileged to manage the wealth of clients throughout Asia and across the globe. As a global investment manager, we recognize we play an essential role when shaping the future of all our clients.

We seek to provide our clients with an honest, transparent, and collaborative approach to wealth management. We deliver tailor-made financial planning solutions, access to a multitude of alternative investments and an unmatched institutional investment process.

The Gunma Fuji Securities International team consists of veteran investment managers, advisory experts and market intelligence analysts with a proven history for delivering results.

We partner with institutional and individual investors to provide investment management services, financial and investment advisory, and investment planning solutions. The company has a streamlined and dynamic structure that can adapt to any market condition.

Our Insistence

Our insistence on doing the right thing for our clients, our people and broader society lies at the heart of our company culture. We are committed to delivering positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Our Impartial Approach

Our impartial approach reinforced by the high standards of our personal service, our commitment to build and sustain the wealth of our clients, as well as our belief in the importance of a robust investment process has remained unchanged.

It is this ability to continually adapt and evolve that has kept us at the forefront of the sector since our inception.