Our Process

The process of successful investment management starts with a comprehensive evaluation of the individual risk and return objectives of each client. Based on the collected information, an asset allocation strategy is formulated and is the foundation of every investment decision. 

Gunma Fuji Securities International investment managers utilize the many tools at their disposal to maximize risk-adjusted rates of return.

The selected investments are diversified between asset classes to influence liquidity, volatility and overall portfolio return. Each portfolio is then reviewed to ensure that all investments are tailored to suit the specified investment objectives and risk tolerances of the client.


Gunma Fuji Securities International has a global network of alliances with some of the world’s most recognized financial institutions enabling us to achieve enhanced trade execution and performance, access to IPOs and secondary offerings, and high-level research. When combined with our own independent market intelligence analytics, it gives us the edge in determining prospective investments.

Macro-Economic Strategy

At Gunma Fuji Securities International, we have established an effective macro-economic strategy to monitor the crucial elements that determine investment performance. The initial step is to identify primary macro-economic trends. Our team of analysts then narrow things down further focusing on individual market sectors and industries.

We take into consideration actions taken and developments which happen within governments of economically powerful nations that may affect markets. Finally, our market intelligence team takes into account several other top-down factors, such as currency fluctuations and liquidity, as an example.

Quantitative Research

This is the process where the investment opportunity is examined with a microscope. Our sophisticated quantitative methodologies rank stocks according to several variables to assess their real value, and how that correlates with current levels of trading. We measure what the value is today, and where we anticipate the value to be at set intervals in the future.

Portfolio Compatibility

The final stage involves investment managers meeting with market intelligence analysts to evaluate which of the best-rated investment opportunities are appropriate for an individual portfolio. Individual investments must match the defined asset allocation and risk tolerance of the client. The proposed selection of assets is run through a final proprietary review to assess the relative volatility compared to the broad-based market, and final adjustments are made where required.

All investment portfolios must accomplish diversification that includes geographic, market capitalisation and industry sector. Only at this last stage is it ready to present to the client for their approval.