Corporate Services

Here at Gunma Fuji Securities International, our ever-growing corporate client base determines that we are implementing the right strategies and delivering on our promises at all times.

A large number of our resources and solutions are dedicated to our corporate clients. Our clients can choose from a full list of services which are focused exclusively on businesses alone.

Gunma Fuji Securities International corporate services range from IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, through to corporate investment management, equity bond underwriting, capital raising and more.

Once you have partnered with Gunma Fuji Securities International, our corporate service team promises to fully dedicate themselves to achieve their set objectives and fulfil all your business needs.

We will play a significant role in your business evolution and growth through our investment and financial approaches and strategies.

Should you require more information on our corporate services, please email us on [email protected] today.

IPO Support

Gunma Fuji Securities International is ready to help you by listing your company on an exchange. The initial public offering procedures can be a highly rewarding time for your company but also a challenging time, which is why you should leave this task to our team of experts.

We can prepare all the documentation for the regulators, government and non-government agencies. We will recommend the best marketing methods to increase the recognition and exposure of your company.

Gunma Fuji Securities International performs all of these tasks by utilising the latest technologies within the business world. Our division of seasoned IPO professionals are ready and committed to deal with all the steps of this lengthy process for you.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are known to shift the course of the companies involved significantly, and here at Gunma Fuji Securities International, we understand it is a huge milestone but an often challenging time.

Should your company plan to merge with or acquire another business, you may need our assistance. Gunma Fuji Securities International can supply you with a complete solution concerning any mergers and acquisitions you partake in.

During a merger or acquisition, there are always many things to consider, including a large amount of documentation to complete and satisfy the regulators. Let our team of experts handle all of this for you.

Throughout the merger or acquisition process, our expert team will liaise with funders, vendors and legal representatives for you, enabling a smooth transition from start to finish, guaranteeing its legal completion and giving you peace of mind.

Corporate Investment Management

Gunma Fuji Securities International provides a streamlined corporate investment management service. Our team of experts will happily look after the financial side of your business, allowing you to focus on the growth and quality of your business.

Gaining control over business resources and making them grow is not an easy task, particularly during volatile market conditions and uncertainties. You may therefore need a dedicated partner to aid you through these challenging times.

As a corporate client of Gunma Fuji Securities International, you will benefit from portfolio allocation and investment management solutions which are based on sophisticated and efficient strategies.

Gunma Fuji Securities International assures you that our devoted team is involved with investment management day and night. You can trust us with your investment portfolios and focus on your business activities without additional stress regarding your financial situation; we will take care of that for you.